Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 11 (1896)


Lt 160, 1896

White, J. E.; White, Emma

Sunnyside, Cooranbong, New south Wales, Australia

November 10, 1896

Previously unpublished.

Dear Children:

I would be pleased to write you a large letter but cannot do this now. I have had to write large communications to Rural Health Retreat, and this gives me only a few minutes this morning to write you. My health is quite good for me. W. C. White and Sara and I were absent from home five weeks. I have written some things in regard to meetings in Adelaide but cannot get them copied to go in this mail. I am sorry, but I will get together what I have and send in next mail. 11LtMs, Lt 160, 1896, par. 1

Brother and Sister Farnsworth and Brother Haskell are with us. All seem to be in the Spirit and work nobly. Brother Haskell is compassed with infirmities, but I never heard him speak more effectively than now, or go deeper into Bible subjects, laying out matters so plainly and clearly, and making the gems of truth shine with more brilliancy than ever. I am surprised indeed. A telegram was received that Elder Starr would reach Morisset Station last night. 11LtMs, Lt 160, 1896, par. 2

We find our trees in orchard planted one year ago are bearing—peaches and apricots. We picked off all but a few [that] we left to ascertain the quality. Trees have sent forth their branches three feet in five weeks, by measurement. My pomegranate trees look beautiful. The fruit on these little bushes, set about three months ago, is so thick we have to pick off the largest share of it. But they look so handsome. Grapes set three months ago have clusters upon their vines. All our trees are doing remarkably well. We have good land for fruit. Have given large grounds for flowers, and it does seem that the tiniest little flowers will bloom themselves to death. We pick off the buds to keep them back. 11LtMs, Lt 160, 1896, par. 3

Well, I do wish you could see my place. We had no rains for about three months, but within three weeks rain has come abundantly. We have a large amount of tomatoes planted. We have had peas for three weeks in plenty. We are beholding our school building going up. Thank the Lord for this. 11LtMs, Lt 160, 1896, par. 4

The meetings in Adelaide were excellent and quite a number have taken their stand for the truth. I spoke in Adelaide twelve times, in Ballarat once. Brother Haskell three times. Then we held meetings in Melbourne. I spoke in Williamstown to a precious company of believers once. Brother Haskell spoke on Sunday in the same place. Then I spoke two Sundays, one Sabbath, and every morning in the week for one week in the newly built church in North Fitzroy. Then we returned to Cooranbong. Brethren Haskell and Farnsworth are doing good work here. There have been several who have received the truth and have been waiting weeks for baptism. Six were baptized on Sunday and others will go forward in the ordinance soon. We praise the Lord for this good work done. We so want to get up a meetinghouse and we believe it will be done soon. We are of good courage in the Lord. 11LtMs, Lt 160, 1896, par. 5

We received no letter from you last mail. We are trying to hire money to build Willie White a house near us for his family. I expect he will attend the conference. Do not fail to write to us. 11LtMs, Lt 160, 1896, par. 6