Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 10 (1895)


Ms 60a, 1895



June 1895

Previously unpublished.

After our return from Tasmania, I spoke to the congregation in the more commodious hall of Petersham [June 8]. Here was a gathering of those newly come to the faith and the Sydney church. The Lord gave me the power of His Holy Spirit decidedly to present before them the perils of the last days in language that no one could question—even the very words of the Lord. Then we had a precious testimony meeting. There were excellent testimonies given, having the true ring in them. This was a most profitable meeting, continuing until a late hour. In the evening we returned twelve miles in our conveyance to Granville. Then the letters must be written. Several nights I could not sleep past twelve or one o'clock. My mind was burdened. My only relief was to arise and dress and pray and then write the very things ... [possible page missing here]. We see this place in a far-off country that needs special wisdom to work out the Lord's plans to make a success in every way possible. Let the truth be carried forward in all wisdom, in a humble way, in this country of Australia, and the Lord will help His people to move intelligently. 10LtMs, Ms 60a, 1895, par. 1

... All were given opportunity of stating their resolutions to make more earnest efforts to engage in the work of God. One child named Nervis [?] has a hard battle at home. She is the only believing member of the family and is a school teacher in the school in Parramatta. Since the campmeeting, she said, she had not made advancement in accordance with the light given. She spoke well and with deep feeling. We hope she may advance in the strength of Jesus. We know she will if she looks to Christ for help. 10LtMs, Ms 60a, 1895, par. 2

[After the testimony service] we then had a praying season for all those who presented themselves for prayers and all who did not pray. We had been the meeting three hours and I labored with most earnest energy and felt my strength was nearly gone. We rode home. I felt I had done what I could, but will the church do their part? If the church members will follow the light God has given them in this meeting, watching unto prayer, they will find the sustaining grace of God. 10LtMs, Ms 60a, 1895, par. 3

There must be the trimming of the lamp by everyone. The charge of Paul to Timothy is to be understood to be addressed to every member of the household and every church member. “Take heed to thyself, and to the doctrine”—“thyself” first, then there will be a sanctified influence in every house. [1 Timothy 4:16.] There must be the trimming of the inner lamp. A readiness will be in the home church and the same will be borne to the church assembled. At your daily toil, you need that lamp burning to keep a sweet disposition and to be prepared to do the labor essential in your weekday toil. God cannot accept the service of any soul who is bound up in self. Unless the root be holy, there can be no sound fruit. There must first be a giving of your own self to the Lord without reserve. 10LtMs, Ms 60a, 1895, par. 4

Sunday, June 23, [1895]

I attended a meeting under the tent at Canterbury. Quite a number of the church from Sydney were present, and those newly come to the faith. The Lord gave me His special message for the people in reference to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. My heart was deeply impressed and I knew the Spirit of the Lord was in the meeting. I was so deeply moved by the Spirit of the Lord, and His words were given me for to give to the people. O, how grateful I am! I will not consent to labor for the church unless the Holy Spirit will accompany my words. The Lord must make the impression. He is our only Trust. We may look and live and encourage every soul to reach up to the Saviour for His grace to be imparted, and then walk out on the promise. 10LtMs, Ms 60a, 1895, par. 5