Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 9 (1894)


Ms 32a, 1894


Norfolk Villa, Prospect St., Granville, New South Wales, Australia

July 30, 1894

This manuscript is published in entirety in ST 06/06/1895.

Last Sabbath, July 28, my son W. C. White, and myself, drove to Kellyville, to speak in the church by special request. There was a person acquainted with our faith, but who was not one with us, who said he would come to the meeting to hear one of our ministers speak. We were the only ones who could respond to the request. We were glad to see in the assembly, besides this interested person, the family of Brother Radleigh from Castle Hill, who had come ten miles to the meeting. We had a very precious season, for the promise of the Saviour was fulfilled, “where two or three are met together in my name, there am I in the midst.” [Matthew 18:20.] When Jesus meets with His people, His blessing rests upon those who assemble for the purpose of worshiping God. We need to cherish and cultivate a spirit of true worship, a spirit of devotion upon the Lord’s holy, sanctified day. We should assemble together believing that we shall receive comfort and hope, light and peace from Jesus Christ. 9LtMs, Ms 32a, 1894, par. 1

As we rode slowly up the hills, everything our eyes rested upon was peaceful and pleasant. In every direction we looked the scenery was lovely. The orange and mandarin orchards displayed their golden fruit, and we remarked that the world is still beautiful and pleasant, although it has been marred by the wickedness of men. 9LtMs, Ms 32a, 1894, par. 2

I spoke from Matthew the fifth chapter, and W. C. White followed me with a short discourse, after which we had a social meeting, when a number of testimonies were borne. We know that the Lord comforted those who were witnesses for Christ. The preaching service should generally be short, so that an opportunity may be given to those who love God to express their gratitude and adoration. Prayer and praise offered to God by His believing children honor and glorify His name. 9LtMs, Ms 32a, 1894, par. 3

The company of believers may be few in number, but they have been taken by the cleaver of truth as rough stones from the quarry of the world. [They] have been brought into God’s workshop to be hewed and squared by axe and chisel, to be fitted up by test and trial for a place in God’s heavenly temple, and they are very precious in the sight of the Lord. Though they are to be hewed and squared, and fitted and polished, for the heavenly building, yet even in the rough, they are precious in the sight of God. The axe and the hammer and the chisel of trial and test are in the hands of One who is skillful, and are used not to destroy, not to bring to nothingness, but to work out the perfections of every soul, that as precious stones, transformed and polished, the children of God may find their place in the building of God. 9LtMs, Ms 32a, 1894, par. 4

I would that every soul who sees the evidences of the truth would accept of Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. Those who thus accept of Christ are looked upon by God, not as they are in Adam, but as they are in Jesus Christ, as the sons and daughters of God. The Lord will no more cast off the humblest, lowliest believer in Jesus, than He will demolish His throne. We are accepted in the Beloved. We are members of the royal family, children of the heavenly King, heirs of God, and joint heirs with Jesus Christ. 9LtMs, Ms 32a, 1894, par. 5

The church of God upon the earth is one with the church of God above. Believers on the earth, and those who have never fallen in heaven, are one church. Every heavenly intelligence is interested in the assemblies of the saints, who on earth meet to worship God in spirit and truth, and in the beauty of holiness. In the inner court of heaven they listen to the testimonies of the witnesses for Christ in the outer court on earth, and the praise and thanksgiving that comes from the church below is taken up in the heavenly anthem, and praise and rejoicing resounds through the heavenly court because Christ has not died in vain for the fallen sons of Adam. While angels drink from the fountainhead, the saints on earth drink of the pure streams flowing from the throne of God, making glad the city of God. 9LtMs, Ms 32a, 1894, par. 6

O that we could all realize the nearness of heaven to earth! When the earthborn children know it not, they have the angels of light as their companions; for the heavenly messengers are sent forth to minister to those who shall be heirs of salvation. A silent witness guards every soul that lives, seeking to win and draw [him] to Christ. The angels never leave the tempted one a prey to the enemy who would destroy the souls of men if permitted to do so. As long as there is hope, until they resist the Holy Spirit to their eternal ruin, men are guarded by heavenly intelligences. Let us all bear in mind that in every assembly of the saints below, are the angels of God listening to the thanksgiving, the praise, the supplication, that is offered by the people of God in testimonies, songs, and prayers. Let them remember that their praises are supplemented by the choirs of the angelic host above. 9LtMs, Ms 32a, 1894, par. 7

As we journeyed homeward, my mind was called out in contemplation of these precious themes, and I was filled with an intense longing to pass along some of these precious thoughts to my brethren and sisters. O that with pen and voice I could represent the privileges of the children of God as they really exist! O that we who are pilgrims and strangers in this foreign country, seeking a better country, even a heavenly, might comprehend Christ, the way, the truth, and the life! He says, “No man cometh unto the Father but by me.” [John 14:6.] 9LtMs, Ms 32a, 1894, par. 8

The path He has marked out is so plain and distinct that the veriest sinner, loaded with guilt, need not miss his way. Not one trembling seeker needs to fail of finding the true path, and of walking in pure and holy light, for Jesus leads the way. The path is so narrow, so holy, that sin cannot be tolerated therein, yet access to the path has been made for all, and not one desponding, doubting, trembling soul needs to say, “God cares nought for me.” Every soul is precious in His sight, “for God so loved the world,” even in its blackness and disobedience, even with the heavy shadow of sin, and Satan upon it, “that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” [John 3:16.] 9LtMs, Ms 32a, 1894, par. 9

When Satan was triumphing as the prince of the world, when he claimed the world as his kingdom, when we were all marred and corrupted with sin, God sent His messenger from heaven, even His only begotten Son, to proclaim to all the inhabitants of the world, “I have found a ransom. I have made a way of escape for all the perishing. I have your emancipation papers provided for you, sealed by the Lord of heaven and earth.” You may have freedom upon the condition of faith in Him who is able to save unto the uttermost all who come unto God by Him. 9LtMs, Ms 32a, 1894, par. 10

A ransom has been provided at infinite cost, and it is not because there is any flaw in the title which has been purchasedd for you that you do not accept it. It is not because the mercy, the grace, the love of the Father and the Son is not ample, and has not been freely bestowed, that you do not rejoice in pardoning love, but it is because of your unbelief, because of your choice of the world, that you are not comforted with the grace of God. 9LtMs, Ms 32a, 1894, par. 11

It is your love of disobedience, your pleasure in sin, your enjoyment of rebellion, that has blunted your perceptions until you fail to discern the things which make for your peace. If you are lost, it will be because you will not come unto Christ that you might have life. 9LtMs, Ms 32a, 1894, par. 12

God waits to bestow the blessing of forgiveness of sins, of pardon for iniquity, of the gift of righteousness upon all who will believe in His love and accept of His salvation. Christ is ready to say to the repenting sinner, “Take away the filthy garments from him ... Behold, I have caused thine iniquity to pass from thee, and I will clothe thee with change of raiment. And I said, Let them set a fair mitre upon his head. So they set a fair mitre upon his head, and clothed him with garments.” “Thus saith the Lord of hosts; if thou wilt keep my way, and if thou wilt keep my charge, then thou shalt also judge my house, and shalt also keep my courts, and I will give thee places to walk among these which stand by.” [Zechariah 3:4, 5, 7.] Christ is the connecting link between God and man. The blood of Jesus Christ is the eloquent plea that speaks in behalf of sinners. “The blood of Jesus Christ his Son, cleanses from all sin.” [1 John 1:7.] 9LtMs, Ms 32a, 1894, par. 13