Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 7 (1891-1892)


Lt 55, 1892

White, J. E.

Adelaide, South Australia

October 5, 1892

Previously unpublished.

[Edson White:]

I am pressed as a cart beneath sheaves. I arise before day and with the light of a candle will try to write to you, my son. I did not read your letter to Willie until I came to Adelaide. We were in the pressure of anxiety to break up [housekeeping here] and try the climate of Adelaide before it should become too hot for us to be comfortable here. We left Melbourne one week ago last Monday. Our letters did not all receive that attention they otherwise would have had were it not for the effort I made to see to some of my writings preparatory to being packed. The trifling exertion of stirring around a little was too much for me, and I was taken so much worse that I was compelled to give up everything and keep my bed. 7LtMs, Lt 55, 1892, par. 1

When I was partially relieved from pain, I was taken to St. Kilda, George’s Terrace, to the school building, until we were ready to take the cars for Adelaide. I was not as well as usual and could not speak to the students as I hoped to do. I was as usual taken up the stairs in a chair by Elder Starr and a student of the school, and then remained in Sister Daniells’ room from Thursday until Monday. Willie, seeing me not as well as usual, would not bring anything before my mind to cause me perplexity or distress. 7LtMs, Lt 55, 1892, par. 2

I suffered much on the cars, although everything was made as easy for me as possible. I had first class and a berth, but was very much crippled when I got through. I was placed in a chair and put on the lift or elevator which takes baggage from the cars to the platform above. I cannot use my limbs to ascend stairs. This is an impossibility. I may never be able to walk actively again. I was very bad for several days, but have been able to sleep more hours here than I have during my sickness. A phaeton and pony were secured for me, which costs one pound per week and the keeping. 7LtMs, Lt 55, 1892, par. 3

I was enabled to ride to the church last Sabbath and the Lord wonderfully blessed me in speaking to the people. I felt more natural than I had done during my long illness. We had a good congregation. I had much freedom in speaking. Sunday I spoke at eleven o’clock again to a good congregation. The Lord indeed strengthened me by His grace. 7LtMs, Lt 55, 1892, par. 4

Willie left us on Thursday after seeing us settled in a little furnished cottage for which I pay twenty-five dollars per month. May Walling and Emily Campbell are with me. Elder Daniells has been here two weeks before we came, holding meetings in the church. He is with us to take care of us and let Willie go to Melbourne where he has much to do. Elder Tenney goes to the conference and he must take his place in the Echo office as manager. 7LtMs, Lt 55, 1892, par. 5

The church here number one hundred and fifty. There are very excellent people here and it is a very beautiful place. Elder Tenney will be here sometime this week. Willie will not be here until the last two weeks in November, for then our return tickets must take us back to Melbourne. 7LtMs, Lt 55, 1892, par. 6