Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 6 (1889-1890)


Lt 62, 1890

Fulton, John

St. Helena, California

May 5, 1890

Previously unpublished.

Dear Brother John Fulton:

You will see that you are placed on the Board at the Health Retreat. We carefully considered the matter and decided it was your duty to come to this place and act as Chaplain. There is great need of someone looking after the religious interests of the hillside. You are not ignorant of the want here, and your health not being good, it is best for you to change climate. I cannot advise you to go to Florida. I think this is the climate most favorable. 6LtMs, Lt 62, 1890, par. 1

You know I have had but one mind on this subject, and yourself and wife will find a hearty welcome here by all your friends. I do not know of one dissenting voice. We hope that this will entirely settle your mind and that you will not be in uncertainty longer. 6LtMs, Lt 62, 1890, par. 2

I am sorry I have not strength to visit Oregon, but I do not think it would be wisdom in my present state of weakness. I have not been able to eat much of anything for six weeks in the past. I am trusting in the Lord. 6LtMs, Lt 62, 1890, par. 3

In much love to Brother and Sister Fulton. 6LtMs, Lt 62, 1890, par. 4