Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 6 (1889-1890)


Lt 106, 1890

White, W. C.

Petoskey, Michigan

August 28, 1890

Previously unpublished.

Dear Son Willie:

I do not know as I expressed to you the gratification it would be to me to have you visit Petoskey and Harbor Springs, and other places within a short distance, not merely for sightseeing but to see and then to understand the field better. And Bro. Olsen can be well accommodated and yourself. I thought I would go to Saginaw meeting fearing, I should not see you, but Sara and every one makes so great an ado that it will not be wise for me to go. We have an excellent chance to recruit here. If you come and remain a week, our workers will help you all they can. Marian thinks she must have the help you can give her in some decisions. You know she gets about so far then, unless she has some inspiration from some source, she becomes discouraged. This she told me today. 6LtMs, Lt 106, 1890, par. 1

Well, I have but a few moments to write you. I hope Eld. Olsen and you will see it is best to spend a week or more if you possibly can in this place. We are all doing well and are cheerful. 6LtMs, Lt 106, 1890, par. 2


I sent the note with my name as security to Jim at Battle Creek. I sent [it] in a letter to Addie, fearing you might be away. 6LtMs, Lt 106, 1890, par. 3