Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 5 (1887-1888)


Lt 72, 1888

Walling, Fred

Healdsburg, California

March 2, 1888

Previously unpublished.

Dear Nephew:

Your letter dated January 19 was received and read last evening. It was not directed to any number or to the Pacific Press so it has lain in the office until it was sent to Pacific Press. I had been absent from home two weeks and returned last night. Found many letters waiting my return; among them was one from you. I was glad to hear from you and was sorry to learn of the accident to your father; also that Addie [Walling] would be detained. We need her very much. 5LtMs, Lt 72, 1888, par. 1

I wish to visit Los Angeles. They have sent earnest invitations for me to come; also San Diego and Nevada and Fresno and Lemoore, and a camp meeting in the southern country. I cannot possibly attend meetings in all of these places, and I must have Addie. I have no one to accompany me except one from Norway who knows not my wants and how to help me. I shall look for Addie every day. I want her to make no further delay in this matter, but to come home at once. 5LtMs, Lt 72, 1888, par. 2

I will be glad to see you and talk with you. Why not accompany Addie to California? We shall expect her every day, as she promised. Now a whole month has gone, and I need her very much. You can say that much to the dear child. May [Walling] is here doing well. She is in good health. 5LtMs, Lt 72, 1888, par. 3