Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 5 (1887-1888)


Lt 86, 1888

White, Mary

Healdsburg, California

May 11, 1888

Previously unpublished.

Dear Mary:

I send the enclosed to you, for I cannot tell the name of Sister King. Please hand this to her. I am unable to direct it to her. 5LtMs, Lt 86, 1888, par. 1

We arrived home all safely, and we are all just as busy as we can be preparing for our trip to the valley. I am troubled about Fresno and shall go there as soon as we can. 5LtMs, Lt 86, 1888, par. 2

W. C. W. [W. C. White] is writing fast. Cecelia came last evening, Thursday evening, and she is helping Willie all she possibly can. All well here. This must go into the mail. 5LtMs, Lt 86, 1888, par. 3

How is Ella? How is Sister Kelsey? How are you all? Write a line and let us know if there is any fog. We have had none here for two mornings—beautiful weather. 5LtMs, Lt 86, 1888, par. 4

Much depends on how you eat. May the Lord help you to get strong is my prayer. 5LtMs, Lt 86, 1888, par. 5