Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 4 (1883 - 1886)


Lt 39, 1884

White, W. C.

Healdsburg, California

February 21, 1884

Previously unpublished.

Dear son Willie:

Professor [Sidney] Brownsberger has been waiting anxiously for you for some time to decide some matters. Come Friday if you can. 4LtMs, Lt 39, 1884, par. 1

Brother Pritchard wants to know what to do, whether he is wanted at St. Helena. He may have to move out of the house he occupies any day, and he doesn’t want to get another if he goes to St. Helena. Brother Pratt said he could have his old house for his family to move into, and he would go Sunday if he knew what to do. He would get settled with his family ready to begin work. 4LtMs, Lt 39, 1884, par. 2

P. S. Bottle of ink for fountain pen. 4LtMs, Lt 39, 1884, par. 3