Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 3 (1876 - 1882)


Lt 44, 1880

[White, W. C.; White, Mary]

Battle Creek, Michigan

October 20, 1880

Previously unpublished.

Dear Children:

Why do you not write us a few words? Has Willie [White] the ague again? Edson [White] has it hard. He has had several chills. He was very sick day before yesterday. Today is his sick day. 3LtMs, Lt 44, 1880, par. 1

1. I want to know how my account stands. Have you paid up the mortgage? 3LtMs, Lt 44, 1880, par. 2

2. What other bills must be settled to stop interest? 3LtMs, Lt 44, 1880, par. 3

We send draft to McDearmon today to settle that $500 note. We mean to stop interest if possible. I wrote you recently in reference to the Grand Ledge property. Just as soon as you ascertain which it must be, telegraph at once. We wish to get into winter quarters and get to work as early as possible. 3LtMs, Lt 44, 1880, par. 4

Last Sabbath we had a perfect gale of wind. Much damage must be the result. Sunday, snowstorm all day. There fell not less than one inch of snow. It is very cold here. My lungs will, I fear, fail to stand the changeable climate of Michigan. I have but a moment to write as Father wishes me to ride out. He has every conceivable plan afloat, and just the first moment you ascertain how Cole will exchange places let us know. One time he is all for fixing over the corner house, putting in chimneys, then for taking the Haughey [?] place. Make speedy arrangements for the exchange of property. Do not delay. 3LtMs, Lt 44, 1880, par. 5

Just received letter from you enclosed in Edson’s [White]. I ran in to see Edson. He is as sick as you were; bad enough off, I assure you. His fever runs high. But he does as you did—is stirring about everywhere his well day. It is cold and blustering. I have bad cold. 3LtMs, Lt 44, 1880, par. 6

There should be fifteen-hundred dollars difference in places, but Father says if he will not give that, take twelve or even one thousand. Do as seems best. I wish the place could be sold for three-thousand cash. Do your best in this matter. 3LtMs, Lt 44, 1880, par. 7


[P. S.] More soon. 3LtMs, Lt 44, 1880, par. 8