Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 3 (1876 - 1882)


Lt 2, 1882

White, W. C.

Woodland, California

March 10, 1882

Previously unpublished.

Dear Willie:

I know not what to say in regard to Fred Mead’s leaving the place, but if he must go, he must. 3LtMs, Lt 2, 1882, par. 1

I think I will return at once to Oakland and go to Healdsburg and labor in Santa Rosa and vicinity. Elder [I. D.] Van Horn should labor there. I think he could do more good [there] than in any other place. 3LtMs, Lt 2, 1882, par. 2

I am not strong, but believing. I put my trust in God. Shall I buy Van Horn’s place? I think it is best, for he needs the money so much to build or get him a new home. I can exchange my place with Pratt if he will do so, and set Pratt to building a home for Van Horn in Healdsburg for the extra five hundred dollars that will come to me in exchange. See if you can. If you can’t, find property in Healdsburg which you can exchange for my Oakland property. Brother Pratt thinks it uncertain about his making a shift of his property, so we will try to sell or exchange if we can. 3LtMs, Lt 2, 1882, par. 3