Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 3 (1876 - 1882)


Lt 15, 1882

White, W. C.

St. Helena, California

May 23, 1882

Portions of this letter are published in 8MR 77.

Dear Willie:

Will you select books for a library? We have nothing here in that line. Please get Life of Bates, Sketches of Father’s and my life, and three volumes of Spirit of Prophecy, United States in Prophecy and History of the Sabbath. I want that book, The Life of Paul, for my own use. Just make a selection of excellent books—D’Aubigne’s History of the Reformation and some of the most comprehensive of our writings. 3LtMs, Lt 15, 1882, par. 1

If you have Father’s pictures, please bring them. I want to show them. My pocket album I left at Healdsburg. 3LtMs, Lt 15, 1882, par. 2

I have heard from Mary [Chinnock]. She wrote a long, cheerful letter. Has had the ague, but is better. I do not think she knew anything about Robert’s telegraphy, the way he did. I am relieved about them. They have a most splendid girl here doing the housework. She is a good copyist, and I wish I had her. Her folks have moved to Healdsburg. She is a splendid cook, [a] good solid, intelligent girl. I should think I had a treasure if I had her, but let the Lord open the way before me. He knows what is best for me. I shall urge nothing. 3LtMs, Lt 15, 1882, par. 3

I have two most urgent letters from Salem and Beaverton to come to Oregon. They make it a positive necessity that I shall be there, but I see no duty in the matter. Would be glad to go, but my writings forbid my going. 3LtMs, Lt 15, 1882, par. 4

My cold is disappearing. I have purchased material for six comfortables. We can tack them off with little labor. 3LtMs, Lt 15, 1882, par. 5

I spoke of a party being here that paid forty dollars. The whole party pays seventy dollars per week. They have to live well, but their table is more hygienic than the boarding house table has been for some time back. Everything is good and palatable. 3LtMs, Lt 15, 1882, par. 6

I expect our team today from Healdsburg. Let us know just when you will be here that we may be to the depot for you. Now I think you need not do this, for Brother Atwood will be at the train looking for you Wednesday. If you cannot get all the things sent for, get what you can easily and the rest can be obtained afterward. 3LtMs, Lt 15, 1882, par. 7


I think Mary White and her mother and the little ones had better come here. You need not bring any bedding. I am now making comfortables to be used. It is warm here in the daytime. Thinner clothing may be used then, but mornings are cool. If you have some thin clothing, bring it. 3LtMs, Lt 15, 1882, par. 8

The aristocracy is here, but they are of the kindest, most social kind we meet with. I feel perfectly at home—free as free can be. 3LtMs, Lt 15, 1882, par. 9

We are planning for [a] bathhouse. Only waiting for you to consult with and determine things. Brother Pratt will not take any responsibility, but [he] says, “Do as you please; I shall be satisfied.” I think the bathhouse might be started soon or Roger’s house, at least. This [is] in every way a most beautiful, lovely situation. When our team arrives, we will ride around considerable. 3LtMs, Lt 15, 1882, par. 10

Please bring the cloth for my cloak which is in [the] bottom of [the] secretary. 3LtMs, Lt 15, 1882, par. 11


Brother Atwood will be at the cars Wednesday. Please send wrappers for papers, large size, by Willie. Be sure and send Life of Paul by Willie. Bring Concordance. 3LtMs, Lt 15, 1882, par. 12

I do not think [it is] best to return to Healdsburg until there is some one to take hold and bear the brunt of the work. I think we may stay here two weeks, unless you and I go down, and I return. Leave the folks here; but this may not be advisable, for you can come up to Healdsburg from Oakland. 3LtMs, Lt 15, 1882, par. 13


Please bring funeral address of Father’s. Bring the material in Sister White’s cloak, from [the] secretary in [the] parlor. 3LtMs, Lt 15, 1882, par. 14