Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 3 (1876 - 1882)


Lt 13, 1882

White, W. C.; White, Mary

St. Helena, California

May 21, 1882

Previously unpublished.

Dear Willie and Mary:

It is a most beautiful morning here in the mountains. Yesterday was quite warm all day. I have been thinking of many things and cannot write them all. 3LtMs, Lt 13, 1882, par. 1

Should you come, you can do as you think best about bringing Mary and Sister Kelsey with you. You see, we could not stay long if you go to Healdsburg now, which I think is quite important [in order] to see how matters are going. If a team comes over, it will be quite a saving of expense to go across the country and not have to go back to Oakland first. 3LtMs, Lt 13, 1882, par. 2

There is now a whole family here from San Francisco. They pay forty dollars per week for their room and board. We found there were no family prayers and no blessing asked at the table. There should be a little table blessing here to notify all of the time to [be] silent for the saying of grace. 3LtMs, Lt 13, 1882, par. 3

I thought, should it seem best for you to bring Mary and Mother Kelsey and the children, they could go across with us to Healdsburg. Mary would enjoy it much better if you, Willie, were along. Then I think it would be as well to have Jenny at Healdsburg if I cannot obtain Luella [Hale] for help. We must have somebody to give treatments. I would be pleased to [see] you both here at this time, if it is consistent with your duty in other things. 3LtMs, Lt 13, 1882, par. 4

Everything is beautiful here now. Many things are to be considered. I value the judgment of Mary. Will you think these things over and arrange these matters without leaving anything to suffer? 3LtMs, Lt 13, 1882, par. 5

There will be two rooms vacated this week, so when Mary shall come she can be accommodated with a room with a little fireplace. If these rooms shall be wanted, the tent can be pitched, and we have a little stove to put in it so that [it] can be comfortable. 3LtMs, Lt 13, 1882, par. 6

Mary, if she would like it, can stay one or two weeks. She can get Sister Atwood to cut and plan and fit her dresses, altering [them] and [she can] have the use of her machine. She can visit Brother Pratt’s people. There are quite a lot of children here. There will be the difficulty in regard to May, but if our tent is pitched a little distance from the institute, then we can keep her from the other children. 3LtMs, Lt 13, 1882, par. 7

There seems to be a very good class of patients here now. When this Mrs. Mason leaves Wednesday, it will be a blessing to the institute. She is the missionary worker for the Baptist—one of the wildest, roughest ones here. 3LtMs, Lt 13, 1882, par. 8

Brother Atwood wishes me to state to Willie that our stove is insufficient. They need a range, the top and sides and doors which will be set in brick with furniture larger than they now have to fit a No. 8 range. They can tell what size of range to set up here in brick [which] would cook conveniently for one hundred. This range is too small altogether. The furniture is too small. They talked of sending Brother Atwood down, but if you can do this, it will save that expense. 3LtMs, Lt 13, 1882, par. 9

N.B. I wrote to have three bedsteads for the three tents—three-quarter bedsteads. I change this order to three large, full-sized bedsteads with mattresses for the same, and wash stands and tables to furnish tents. Some want tents now. If you can get remnants of carpets second hand at a reasonable rate for these tents, please do so. Also get some yards of the firmest oilcloth to lay down before the doors of rooms. These things must be had. 3LtMs, Lt 13, 1882, par. 10

I am holding on [to] the one hundred draft. Shall not hand it out unless it is really necessary to do so. The money has not been yet paid in by the boarders. They have two hundred due which will be paid in soon. There were three more [who] came today for rooms and board. Five came Sabbath, and others came this week. They have engaged these rooms. 3LtMs, Lt 13, 1882, par. 11

We think the large dining room must be carpeted and used. The matting had better be secured and the big dining room with stone floor used. You have the dimensions of the room. 3LtMs, Lt 13, 1882, par. 12

Bro. Atwood says you can look at the ranges set in brick (which setting up, brick and work can be done here without much expense), estimate the cost, and then see the full range stoves, considerably larger than No. 8, and then follow your own judgment. This range is good, but not enough of it. The range is to be for wood fuel. The furniture which comes with these ranges will be sufficient without buying extra if they are good large sizes. 3LtMs, Lt 13, 1882, par. 13

The three bedsteads for tents may be of the cheapest order. Light or dark spindle bedsteads will come cheap or secondhand. You can tell how to purchase wash stands cheap to match with bedsteads. Wash dishes and pitchers will be wanted, not expensive, but cheap. Cheap chairs, but durable, that can be used another season when needed in tents. Floors will be laid in tents and cheap carpeting will make it look nice and attractive. 3LtMs, Lt 13, 1882, par. 14

I shall send for Brother Rice to come to be here when you are, that there may be a final decision in regard to rules and regulations, outgoes and income, buildings and plans, organization and other things. There is much to be considered. 3LtMs, Lt 13, 1882, par. 15

Mary, if you come, please bring some things to make up for Mary and yourself. I want you to get at Wasces, brown cashmere, about five yards [at] fifty cents per yard. You can see if it is nice. I want to give Mother Kelsey a dress from it. It can be made up here. 3LtMs, Lt 13, 1882, par. 16

Mary, I think you might as well come, if the way seems to be clear. I am getting over my cold. Slept better last night, although my stomach is very sore from coughing. I was very sick yesterday morning, but I went down to St. Helena and spoke to the people. We cannot do much until you come, but you know when that is best. Send all letters to us at once. 3LtMs, Lt 13, 1882, par. 17

Marian [Davis] is well. Brother and Sister Rogers [are] not very courageous—fearful, prophesying evil, dreading the future. But I think it best to trust the Lord and move step by step forward. Rogers does not know whether to build or let it alone. But it is a perfectly safe investment. They can surely find a market for property here. I have not a doubt in regard to this matter. 3LtMs, Lt 13, 1882, par. 18

I went to talk with Brother Pratt, but he is not at home today. Bro. Atwood is just the man for his place. He does better than any other man I think could do, for he has a knowledge of the work. 3LtMs, Lt 13, 1882, par. 19

Well now, I have tried to tell you in reference to these things. 3LtMs, Lt 13, 1882, par. 20

Bro. Hagar, I think, could help you, Willie, in regard to purchasing the things I have mentioned. 3LtMs, Lt 13, 1882, par. 21

Come, Mary and Sister Kelsey, if you can. 3LtMs, Lt 13, 1882, par. 22