Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 3 (1876 - 1882)


Lt 17, 1876

White, J. S.

Oakland, California

April 31, 1876

Portions of this letter are published in 8MR 77.

Dear Husband:

We are all well, and doing what we can daily. I will not write so long letters; perhaps short ones would be more acceptable. 3LtMs, Lt 17, 1876, par. 1

I have waited to hear some word to favor or condemn the experience I have been giving in the Signs. What do you think of this matter? I think it is best to pass over much and come as fast as possible to the later events in my life. What do you think of this? 3LtMs, Lt 17, 1876, par. 2

I feel very anxious to get out my two books, but if I come east to attend the eastern camp meetings, can get out but one book. Is it worthwhile for me to come so far to attend the eastern camp meetings? I do not want Mary to be where her attention will be diverted by anything from my work. This must be her exclusive business in order to do it justice. If I decide not to come east at all, I would take my writing more moderately and would not confine myself so closely as I now do. But I am in continual fear that something will occur to break me off; therefore I do not feel like being so moderate as I would like to be. 3LtMs, Lt 17, 1876, par. 3

I think I shall get me a cheap carriage [so] that I can ride out some. It tires me to walk much. My hips become tired. We ought to have some kind of a conveyance that we could ride every day out in the country. 3LtMs, Lt 17, 1876, par. 4

I do not aspire to anything expensive, but comfortable. Doing the work I am is very confining, and [with] no society in the house to change the current of the thoughts, a ride would vary the monotony. Then I am sorry I said one word about this. 3LtMs, Lt 17, 1876, par. 5

Mary and Willie do well. Mary is a dear, good child. I am proud of her as a daughter. 3LtMs, Lt 17, 1876, par. 6

We have the peace of God in our house and in our hearts. 3LtMs, Lt 17, 1876, par. 7

Elders Waggoner and Loughborough are looking after the church in San Francisco. They both went over this morning. The meeting here was good on the Sabbath. Rather dull, Brother Loughborough reports Sabbath in San Francisco. 3LtMs, Lt 17, 1876, par. 8

I feel every moment so thankful to God for the precious opportunity to write. If I can take it leisurely, I could without injury to myself, with Mary’s help, do very much writing that ought to have been done years ago, I verily believe the camp meetings would do better without me than with me. I have followed the round of camp meetings now for two years, and I believe it would do the people good to be without me. 3LtMs, Lt 17, 1876, par. 9

In much love, 3LtMs, Lt 17, 1876, par. 10

I do not think I shall ever get a picture to equal the one Dunham has made for me. He says I had better have the large one put on a small card. What do you think of this plan? 3LtMs, Lt 17, 1876, par. 11