Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 3 (1876 - 1882)


Lt 23, 1877


Carlin, Nevada

October 13, 1877

This letter is published in entirety in 11MR 140.

Dear Children:

We have just had a nice walk for twenty minutes at Carlin. Father walked all the time. We rested well last night. Father is cheerful and happy, although our provision is getting stale and dry. Only three meals more. We had splendid gruel equal to custard cooked by Mary upon our little stove. 3LtMs, Lt 23, 1877, par. 1

This car is well warmed, but it was very cold this morning even in the car. We could write our names on the frosted windows. The scenery now is alkali and sage brush. We meet plenty of Indians at Carlisle Station. There is one Indian on the train in irons that was engaged in the last massacre. He is to be taken to the reservation for trial. 3LtMs, Lt 23, 1877, par. 2

We are all doing well and are looking forward to the time when we shall arrive at our Oakland home. The cars jostle so I cannot write more. 3LtMs, Lt 23, 1877, par. 3

Love to all the household. 3LtMs, Lt 23, 1877, par. 4