Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 3 (1876 - 1882)


Lt 2, 1879

White, W. C.; White, Mary

Denison, Texas

January 2, 1879

Previously unpublished.

Dear children, Willie and Mary:

On New Year’s, we had a New Year’s arrival of Sister Davis and Brother King. We were glad to see them indeed. 3LtMs, Lt 2, 1879, par. 1

We would say to you, Make what corrections you deem necessary, but Father and I thought you should not abridge unless the composition would be helped by so doing. That [which] we have received and read is all right we think. We shall have more matter soon for the second testimony, No. 29, to follow immediately No. 28. I expect we make you considerable work, but for all your time, you shall receive your pay. My head has had to stop for a while. 3LtMs, Lt 2, 1879, par. 2

Yesterday we rode ten miles to Sherman and could sing, January is as pleasant as May. We returned after dark ten miles by moonlight. Brother King accompanied us. We started after two from Denison and returned, reaching home about eight o’clock. But today is another cold day, the coldest we have had this winter. We have sudden changes here. 3LtMs, Lt 2, 1879, par. 3

Marian seems to be feeling tolerably well. Appears better than we feared she would. We have just been trying to clothe the destitute. There is plenty of poverty about us, I assure you. We spent fifteen dollars to buy overcoats for the suffering around us. 3LtMs, Lt 2, 1879, par. 4

We are of good health and spirits, but the head requires rest. 3LtMs, Lt 2, 1879, par. 5


P.S. In the next box send me some of the very best exchanges. Do send me papers of same length now and then. 3LtMs, Lt 2, 1879, par. 6