Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 3 (1876 - 1882)


Lt 32, 1877

White, W. C.; White, Mary

Oakland, California

November 3, 1877

Previously unpublished.

Dear children, Willie and Mary:

Father has seemed changed today. We have been reading his own writings to him and some that I had written in reference to the life and difficulties under which Paul labored to preach Christ. He has seemed to arouse considerably. He has not proposed a season of prayer by ourselves since we have come to Oakland, but today he prayed several times alone, and once he asked me to pray with him. If he will only arouse! I know he can; if he will only have faith and works together, he will surely improve. I feel very much encouraged. 3LtMs, Lt 32, 1877, par. 1

I hope you will pray in faith that God will restore him to His work and His cause again. Let us make his case a special subject of prayer. The Lord will hear and answer the prayers of faith. 3LtMs, Lt 32, 1877, par. 2

Edson has been invited to Woodland to assist them in the Sabbath school and to speak to them. He has spoken with good success at Petaluma and San Francisco and Oakland. He is gaining the confidence of all the brethren. Emma is taking hold in the office in his absence, seeking to make his place good. She does well. 3LtMs, Lt 32, 1877, par. 3

The tank is now being prepared to use the water in the well and thus save expense. We shall make a cistern at once. The water is fearfully bad. We are of good courage. 3LtMs, Lt 32, 1877, par. 4

Love to all, 3LtMs, Lt 32, 1877, par. 5