Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 2 (1869 - 1875)


Lt 21, 1873

White, W. C.

Santa Rosa, California

December 30, 1873

Previously unpublished.

My Dear Willie:

We arrived here last evening all well. We found Lucinda and Addie well. May was just recovering from a sickness of four weeks. For a time her case was doubtful but she is now, we think, out of danger. She is not the plump little girl she was when you last saw her. She has been patient and has borne her sufferings, which were not small, with great fortitude and submission. 2LtMs, Lt 21, 1873, par. 1

Lucinda has been sorely tried with the anxiety and fears which she had for May. Little dear, I have great love for her. I cannot give particulars now, for I have arisen early to get this line in this mail. 2LtMs, Lt 21, 1873, par. 2

We had a very pleasant journey. Your father was well and cheerful all the way. He is certainly improving in health. We tarried Sunday night at Sister Chittenden’s. Brother Chittenden was out in his boat. We did not see him. We were met at the arrival of the boat by Brethren Stockton, Stockings, and Champion. They manifested great joy to see us. Elder Loughborough saw our names registered in the paper as passengers from Carlin and he met us Monday morning and returned with us. 2LtMs, Lt 21, 1873, par. 3

We never had a better or more agreeable journey any time than this. The weather was warm. No storm until Sunday morning; some rain. We made close connections and we seemed to be favored all the way. But we prized above everything else the presence and blessing of God. We had sweet hours of meditation and prayer. We spread our table and asked the blessing of God upon our food, notwithstanding we were in the cars. 2LtMs, Lt 21, 1873, par. 4

But I must not write much now for this must go to the office. 2LtMs, Lt 21, 1873, par. 5

Willie, let us be more faithful to our calling, love the Lord with all our heart and serve Him with our whole being. May the Lord bless you is my prayer from day to day. And also that the Lord would abundantly bless your roommate, and teacher, Brother Brownsberger. We believe He will not leave you. Only cling to the Lord and He will cling to you both. Your influence can tell for good upon the school, both of you. Your influence may be immortalized by winning souls to Christ. Oh, live for God, young men, live for heaven. Let others do as they will; be true, be noble, be right. Do not live for self. Live to bless others; be coworkers with your Master. I write in great haste. 2LtMs, Lt 21, 1873, par. 6

My love to you both. 2LtMs, Lt 21, 1873, par. 7