Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 2 (1869 - 1875)


Lt 17, 1873


Battle Creek, Michigan

November 17, 1873

Previously unpublished.

Dear Children:

I am not pleased with Emma remaining in the Russell family. I want her to come away if she does not go with us, but we will do as I have written you for Emma’s sake. I fear she will go as Nettie has, and if this can be averted I want it should be. If she will consider it a privilege to go with us, we will treat her tenderly and care for her as our daughter, but I cannot consent to have her where she is. 2LtMs, Lt 17, 1873, par. 1

Come down Thursday or Friday. We will get Emma a good-sized trunk for her clothing. We shall return in the spring, for the way is fully opened for us. 2LtMs, Lt 17, 1873, par. 2

I want that satchel that used to be Marcus’. Bring it with you. We need it to take in the cars with us. If Emma needs any articles of clothing to be comfortable, we will provide her with the needed articles. We leave here Monday or Tuesday next. We may leave Monday if we can get things in readiness. 2LtMs, Lt 17, 1873, par. 3

In haste. 2LtMs, Lt 17, 1873, par. 4