Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 2 (1869 - 1875)


Lt 47, 1875

Hall, Lucinda

Battle Creek, Michigan

July 7, 1875

Previously unpublished.

Dear Sister Lucinda:

Here we are in Battle Creek. We hoped to hear from you here but no letter yet. We received letters from Edson and Willie, and card from Lucinda while at Sparta, Wisconsin. We were glad to hear from you all. 2LtMs, Lt 47, 1875, par. 1

Do you think the cause would suffer much and the disappointment be very great if we did not return to attend the Michigan camp meeting? We did think we ought to attend the Seventh-Day Baptist general meeting. For two years there has not been any one of our people to represent our cause in their yearly gathering. 2LtMs, Lt 47, 1875, par. 2

If we came back to California there are at least three or four camp meetings we cannot be present at, and all are desirous for us to be there. But the season is so very backward that it is next to impossible to get some of the states to be ready for a meeting at the usual time of their having their meetings. We would be very much gratified to be present at your camp meeting and may yet come, but it looks doubtful now. We want to know where we can do the most good. Should we not be back at the camp meeting we will remain here until November. Will you please write after you ascertain the real feelings in regard to the matter. We do not now think we may attend the camp meetings the next camp meeting season. 2LtMs, Lt 47, 1875, par. 3

We have success in all our meetings. The Lord is indeed with us of a truth. We are both well and cheerful. We think now it may be duty to remain East till November, but if our brethren urge us we shall not feel best to refuse them. We want to do the will of God. 2LtMs, Lt 47, 1875, par. 4

We miss you, Sister Hall, in our camp meetings, but we do not suffer for attention. All are ready to do what they can to help. We have had no lack at this last meeting. It was, we think, the very best meeting we ever attended. Brother Harvey is here, talking of going in with Brother Salisbury. I think it will go off. May God direct for the best. 2LtMs, Lt 47, 1875, par. 5

I read the long testimony to Brother Cornell last night. He confessed his wrongs and I advised him to answer to no calls to preach, but just wait till he is converted. Now I think he will do so. 2LtMs, Lt 47, 1875, par. 6

Rosetta is looking poor. I think the children are too much care for her. We shall probably bring them back with us when we come. We will send you more matter in a few days, of the same as the last. Write me what is thought of my camp meeting conference brought to you all. I am in great haste tonight. Will say goodbye. 2LtMs, Lt 47, 1875, par. 7


Love to May, Anna, Willie, and all good friends. 2LtMs, Lt 47, 1875, par. 8