Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 2 (1869 - 1875)




Lt 1, 1872

Maynard, Sister

Washington, Iowa

June 23, 1872

Portions of this letter are published in 2SM 302; 2Bio 341.

Dear Sister Maynard:

Here we are in our beautiful home in Washington, but we leave today for California. My husband and myself need rest. Our trust is in God, yet we are worn and need freedom from care. We have been invited by recent letters from Brethren Loughborough and Kellogg to come immediately. Next Sabbath we expect, if the Lord prospers us, to be in Santa Rosa. 2LtMs, Lt 1, 1872, par. 1

We would be pleased to hear from you, how you prosper. We shall not see you now for some time, but the Lord is ever present to help you in Montcalm [County] and to help us in California. What should we do without the presence of God. Poor and discouraged we should certainly be, but let us be thankful Jesus lives to help and bless us in our sufferings and helpless need. Pray for us that the Lord would heal and strengthen us for the important work to be accomplished in the great harvest field. 2LtMs, Lt 1, 1872, par. 2

I hope you are prospering and of good courage. We hope your children are seeking to serve God with all their hearts, for this will pay in the end. We hope pride and vanity will not find a place in their hearts. Constant watchfulness is necessary if they would have the strength they need to overcome temptation. 2LtMs, Lt 1, 1872, par. 3

I have a request to make. Will these children please gather me as much clover, or even more than they did last year? If they can do this, they will do me a great favor. I cannot do it here. We have no clover on our ground. The first crop is preferable, but if this comes too late, the second crop had better be secured. 2LtMs, Lt 1, 1872, par. 4

In much love to yourself, Betsey and all the children. Love to Mother Wilson. I would be so glad to visit with her. I did not see her when at Greenville last. I hope she is prospering in health. Love to Brother Maynard. 2LtMs, Lt 1, 1872, par. 5

Your sister in Christian love. 2LtMs, Lt 1, 1872, par. 6