God’s Remnant Church (The Remnant Church)



A century ago there arose a company preaching the soon coming of Christ and declaring that God had set them on their way in fulfillment of prophecy. That movement became known as Seventh-day Adventism, and from the very beginning it grew. What is more significant, the distinctive doctrines preached by Seventh-day Adventists have gained increasing force and timeliness as the years have passed by. GRC 4.1

There was a time when the world laughed at the doctrine that the end of the world is drawing near. Few laugh today. Instead, men everywhere talk strangely like Adventists in this matter. Our teaching on the Sabbath of God gains new force with every passing decade, for the Sabbath now stands revealed as the great sign and mark of the man who has no part in the modern apostasy that stems from the evolutionary theory. Our teaching on the nature of man and the state of the dead gains new force as a bulwark against the delusions of spiritism. The proofs that our teachings are true and of God are increasingly evident. GRC 4.2

But there are those who have gone out from us, not so much because they believe that our doctrines are false, but because they believe God has forsaken the organized body with headquarters at Washington, D.C., and has given them a commission to draw off into some new organization all the truehearted who desire to be ready for the day of God. They believe that sometime in the past the advent movement lost the favor of God and has therefore been repudiated by Him. How do they know this? Their answer is that the spirit of prophecy so states. But does it? GRC 4.3

The following pages contain sufficient from the pen of Ellen G. White to settle this whole matter of whether God is leading today the same people He has led for more than a century, and whether He will continue to lead them to a glorious climax. We invite you to read and be refreshed in spirit. The foundation of God standeth sure. GRC 4.4