God’s Remnant Church (The Remnant Church)


Section Three - The Church Triumphant*

An Oft-Repeated Assurance

The Father loves His people today as He loves His own Son. Someday it will be our privilege to see Him face to face.-MS. 103, 1903.(Written Sept. 15, 1902.) GRC 47.1

We should remember that the church, enfeebled and defective though it be, is the only object on earth on which Christ bestows His supreme regard. He is constantly watching it with solicitude, and is strengthening it by His Holy Spirit.-MS. 155, 1902. (Nov. 22, 1902.) GRC 47.2

Trust to God’s guardianship. His church is to be taught. Enfeebled and defective though it is, it is the object of His supreme regard.-Letter 279, 1904.(Aug. 1, 1904.) GRC 47.3