Welfare Ministry -- Study Guide


Lesson 2


Welfare Ministry, pp. 14-49 WM-SG 7.1

Study Questions on Section I: “The Divine Philosophy of Suffering and Poverty” WM-SG 7.2

1. What is the work of the church? (p. 14)

WM-SG 7.3

2. In what way could suffering and destitution have been avoided? (p. 16)

WM-SG 7.4

3. As they respond to needs about them, in what three ways are Christ’s followers helped? (p. 17)
WM-SG 7.5

4. If there were no poverty, what would we not understand? (p. 18)

WM-SG 7.6

5. Those who are indifferent to the wants of the needy will be regarded as-- (p. 19)
a. Careless servants
b. Faithful stewards
b. Enemies of God
WM-SG 7.7

6. How was Christ a joy to the rich? (p. 26)

WM-SG 7.8