Study Guide: The Sanctified Life


Chapter 8

The Ministry of John

1. Contrast John’s early training with his training under Christ. (61) SG-SL 15.1

2. After his training under Christ, how can his ministry be described? (61)
SG-SL 15.2

3. What were some of the perils of the early church? (62)
SG-SL 15.3

4. What was John’s favorite theme? (62)
SG-SL 15.4

5. What conditions did John see among the Jewish brethren that were destroying their hopes of everlasting life? (63)
SG-SL 15.5

6. What were some of the poisonous errors that were creeping into the church? (63)
SG-SL 15.6

7. For today: What are some of the present-day evils that threaten the prosperity of the church? (64, 65)
SG-SL 16.1

8. What message today is consistent with true charity? (65)
SG-SL 16.2

9. What is wrong with the reasoning of the lady in New Hampshire? (66, 67)
SG-SL 16.3

10. Who told her she could break God’s law and be sinless? (67) Where did this lie originate?
SG-SL 16.4

11. “The epistles of John ___________________ a spirit of ___________________.” (68) SG-SL 16.5

But what strong language does he use to describe those who break God’s law and yet claim to live without sin? (69)
SG-SL 16.6