Temperance -- Study Guide



This section spotlights the great evil of alcohol as a major weapon of Satan, what it is doing in society, and why we should not be indifferent about these consequences. Think about these applications to the principles in this chapter: Te-SG 19.2

1. Has the incidence of alcohol-related crimes increased since the times in which Ellen White was writing?

Te-SG 19.3

2. What is the Christian’s responsibility in helping to prevent such crimes?

Te-SG 19.4

3. What is my church doing to help alcoholics recover from their condition?

Te-SG 19.5

4. Should the church be involved in political issues that involve the sale and use of alcoholic beverages? How?

Te-SG 19.6

5. Look around for prominent people who have taken a firm stand against using alcohol themselves and serving alcoholic beverages in their homes. Consider writing them a letter thanking them for their positive influence. Te-SG 19.7