The Story of Our Health Message -- Study Guide


“Launching A Campaign for Health” (97-111)

1. Immediately after Mrs. White’s article titled “Health” was published in August 1864, why did she and her husband and others go to Dansville, N.Y.? (98)

SHM-SG 13.2

2. How did Ellen White speak of Dr. H. F. Lay’s decision to join the medical staff at Dansville in the summer of 1864? (99)

SHM-SG 13.3

3. List some features of the Dansville institution. (101)

SHM-SG 13.4

4. While the Whites were generally well pleased with what they found at Dansville, what did they find objectionable? (102)

SHM-SG 13.5

5. What did J. N. Loughborough testify as to the effect of health reform upon himself? (103)

SHM-SG 13.6

6. Mrs. White wrote that the health reform is “a part of the __________________ message,” and “just as closely connected with it as are the __________________ and __________________ with the human __________________.” (105) SHM-SG 13.7

7. In 1865, the Whites published a series of six pamphlets titled “Health or How to Live,” in which Mrs. White contributed an article to each pamphlet on “Diseases _______________________________.” (See 2SM pp. 410-479) Non-Adventist health reformers whose valuable articles were quoted included Trall, __________________, __________________, __________________, __________________, __________________, and __________________. (106) SHM-SG 13.8

8. How did the ladies in the Battle Creek church help the health reform work? (107)

SHM-SG 13.9