The Story of Our Health Message -- Study Guide


“Early Health Literature” (86-96)

1. A few months after the Otsego vision what tragic event thwarted Ellen White’s plans to write? (86, 87)

SHM-SG 12.1

2. When their youngest son __________________ was prostrated with the same affliction, the Whites decided not to employ the __________________ of the time, but rather to use simple _________________________ in the home. (87) SHM-SG 12.2

3. Mrs. White’s first publication on health was An Appeal to Mothers, which dealt primarily with __________________________ in children and youth. (88, 89) As she was shown in vision a group of imbeciles “__________________ and crimes, and the __________________ of __________________ were shown me as the causes of this accumulation of human woe and suffering.” (89) SHM-SG 12.3

4. In the above pamphlet she made her first appeal for a vegetarian diet: “In order to __________________ in them [the children] the moral ____________________, the love of spiritual __________________, we must __________________ the manner of our __________________, dispense with __________________, __________________, and use __________________, __________________, and __________________ as articles of food.” (90) SHM-SG 12.4

5. Mrs. White’s first comprehensive treatise on the subject of health was published in __________________, Vol. 4, in August _______. SHM-SG 12.5

6. Of the free use of drugs at that time she wrote, “I was shown that more __________________ are caused by drug taking than from all other __________________ combined.” (91) She wrote further: “Drugs never cure __________________. They only change the __________________ and __________________. Nature alone is the effectual __________________, and how much better could she perform her task if left to herself.” (92) SHM-SG 12.6

7. Review briefly Ellen White’s personal battle with becoming a vegetarian. (94, 95)

SHM-SG 12.7

8. What was the testimony of several who adopted the principles of health reform? (95, 96)

SHM-SG 12.8