Study Guide: Story of Our Health Message


“Health Reforms Among Seventh-Day Adventists” (60-74)

1. For what reasons did God delay giving the health reform principles to Seventh-day Adventists? (61, 62)

SG-SHM 9.2

2. Before there was clear evidence that God required abstinence from swine’s flesh, Ellen White wrote (1858), “If it is the duty of the __________________ to __________________ from swine’s flesh, __________________ will __________________ it to more than two or three. He will teach His __________________ their duty. God is leading out a __________________, not a few separate individuals.” (63) SG-SHM 9.3

3. In 1848, as first steps in reform, Ellen White was shown that __________________, __________________ and __________________ were injurious to the health. (65) SG-SHM 9.4

4. In January 1854, Mrs. White urged again that Christians “should lay aside such __________________ and __________________ things as tea and coffee.” (70) SG-SHM 9.5

5. In 1854 she called for other reforms: “I saw that God would not acknowledge an __________________, __________________ person as a Christian. . . . Deny the unhealthy appetite. Eat less __________________ food, eat __________________ food, free from __________________.” (71) SG-SHM 9.6

6. James White saw health reform as progressive: “When we had gained a good __________________ over these things [tobacco, tea, and coffee] and when the Lord saw that we were able to __________________ it, light was given relative to __________________ and __________________.” (72) SG-SHM 9.7

7. In the winter of 1862-63, two of James and Ellen White’s children were stricken with __________________________. Fortunately, the Whites read an article on the treatment of this disease by Dr. __________________________ of Dansville, New York. This article was published on Jan. 15, 1863, in the __________________ Chronicle. The doctor advised the use of natural methods instead of drugs. (73) SG-SHM 9.8

8. Grateful for the help received, James White published Dr. Jackson’s article in the _____________________________ of Feb. 17, 1863, for the benefit of others suffering from diphtheria. (74) SG-SHM 9.9