Study Guide: Story of Our Health Message


“Joseph Bates, A Health Reformer” (50-59)

1. In 1821 Bates resolved never again to drink another glass of __________________. (53) SG-SHM 8.1

2. In 1823 what further advanced step did he take? (53, 54)

SG-SHM 8.2

3. On October 4, 1824, Bates made a solemn covenant with God, a portion of which reads, “This day do I with the utmost solemnity __________________ to Thee. I __________________ all former lords that have had __________________ over me, and I __________________ to Thee all that I am and all that I have.” (54) SG-SHM 8.3

4. Immediately after his baptism in 1827, into the __________________ Church, Bates began planning to organize a ___________________________. (54, 55) SG-SHM 8.4

5. Later, as captain of his own ship, what rules did he lay down for the sailors that were somewhat unusual for his day? (56)

SG-SHM 8.5

6. What circumstances led Bates to give up the use of tea and coffee? (57)

SG-SHM 8.6

7. In the year __________________ Captain Bates accepted the Advent message and in February, 1843, as he was looking for the imminent return of Christ, what other changes did he make in his diet? (58)

SG-SHM 8.7