The Story of Our Health Message -- Study Guide


“By The Providence of God” (414-425)

1. Review the events leading to a multimillion-dollar gift for a hospital in Denver. (414-418)

SHM-SG 45.2

2. Review the series of events that led to the establishment of the Kettering Hospital in Ohio, with the largest single gift ever to come to the denomination. (418-424)

SHM-SG 45.3

3. What three reasons did non-Adventist doctors give to a visiting inspector for preferring to send their patients to the Hinsdale Hospital? (421)

SHM-SG 45.4

4. How did the Hinsdale Hospital also benefit from the generosity of the Ketterings and other non-Adventists of the community? (419, 424)

SHM-SG 45.5

5. What other medical institutions were blessed by opening providences of God? (424)

SHM-SG 45.6