The Story of Our Health Message -- Study Guide


“Launching A Medical College” (271-283)

1. Ellen White answered her own question, “How shall the Lord’s work be done?” in the first issue of a new magazine entitled ________________________________, which was launched in January 1891. “There is a way in which many doors will be opened to the __________________. Let him become __________________ in the care of the __________________, as a __________________ or learn how to treat disease, as a __________________; and if he is imbued with the spirit of __________________ what a field of __________________ is open before him.” (271) SHM-SG 30.2

2. What two circumstances opened the way for large city work by Seventh-day Adventists? (275, 276)

SHM-SG 30.3

3. What five lines of work, all free, were begun in rented facilities from the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago? (277)

SHM-SG 30.4

This city mission also furnished the __________________________________________ necessary for a medical college. (278) SHM-SG 30.5

4. With many of the obstacles to obtaining recognition for a medical college removed, application was made to the Illinois legislature for a charter, which was granted on July 3, _________, for what was to be known as the American _________________________________ College. (281) SHM-SG 30.6