The Story of Our Health Message -- Study Guide


“For Medical Missionary Service” (259-270)

1. Ellen White wrote in 1884, “The work of the Christian __________________ does not end with healing the __________________ of the body; his efforts should extend to the __________________ of the __________________, to the __________________ of the soul. . . . The physician should know how to __________________. Prayer will give the sick an abiding confidence; and many times if their cases are borne to the great __________________ in humble trust, it will do more for them than all the __________________ that can be administered.” (259) SHM-SG 29.1

2. Review how the union of medical and missionary work was providentially associated with the beginnings of the modern missionary movement outside of the Adventist Church. (259-265)

SHM-SG 29.2

3. How did the Adventist Church first make a point of contact with medical missionary societies outside of our church in 1891? (265)

SHM-SG 29.3

4. Though the Adventist Church did not have its own medical school, what specific plans were carried out to provide Adventist medical students in Michigan with a proper environment? (266)

SHM-SG 29.4

5. Note the sixteen rules prepared for the students who attended medical school in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (267)

SHM-SG 29.5

6. Review briefly the daily program that was followed at the Jefferson St. Home. (268, 269)

SHM-SG 29.6