The Story of Our Health Message -- Study Guide


“Uniting With the Temperance Forces” (223-235)

1. One of the first opportunities for cooperating with temperance forces was made possible early in the year __________________ in the city of __________________, California, where Elders __________________ and __________________ were conducting a series of meetings. On what basis was this cooperation accomplished? (225) SHM-SG 26.1

2. From a vision given on January 3, 1875 (the day before the dedication of Battle Creek College), Ellen White writes: “I was shown that the giant power of __________________ will not be __________________ by any such efforts as have been made. The work of __________________ must begin in our __________________, at our __________________.” (226) SHM-SG 26.2

3. Ellen White often spoke on the subject of __________________. One of her largest audiences was no less than __________________ people on a campground at __________________, Mass., in the summer of __________________. (228) SHM-SG 26.3

4. How was high respect for Ellen White’s speaking on temperance illustrated in her own home town of Battle Creek in 1877? (229)

SHM-SG 26.4

5. The Adventists made a tent available to the Women’s Christian Temperance Union for this large temperance rally. What was the chief attraction in the temperance restaurant that was set up? (229, 230)

SHM-SG 26.5

6. When the American Health and Temperance Association was organized by Adventists in January __________________ with Dr. __________________ as president, they adopted a far-reaching temperance pledge: “I do hereby solemnly affirm that with the help of God I will wholly abstain from the voluntary use of __________________, __________________, __________________, __________________, __________________, and all other __________________ and __________________ in any form.” This promise was called the __________________ Pledge. (230, 231) SHM-SG 26.6