The Story of Our Health Message -- Study Guide


“Reaching for High Standards” (203-212)

1. By the early 1870s the need for what changes at the Health Institute became apparent? (203)

SHM-SG 24.2

2. James White wrote in 1874 to Elder Butler, president of the General Conference: “Show me the __________________ and then __________________ away. Hustle __________________ off to some doctor mill, and get ready. Our __________________ are already larger than our doctors.” (205) SHM-SG 24.3

3. In following through with his convictions Elder White lent _______________________, a young man of great talent, __________________ to meet his expenses in taking a medical education in New York. (205) SHM-SG 24.4

4. Even before he had finished his medical course, Dr. __________________ was called to succeed James White as editor of The Health Reformer and __________________ months later the circulation reached __________________. (205, 206) SHM-SG 24.5

5. In the year 1874 Dr. Kellogg wrote five health tracts. List these: (209, 210)

SHM-SG 24.6

6. The cause of health reform received further impetus by the preparation and production of the __________________ __________________ in which recipes and principles of healthful diet were set forth. (210) SHM-SG 24.7

7. Dr. J. H. Kellogg was made medical superintendent of the Health Reform Institute in __________________, marking the beginning of a new era in the Adventist health movement. (210) SHM-SG 24.8