The Story of Our Health Message -- Study Guide


“A Lesson in Institutional Finance” (172-182)

1. With almost immediate success of the Western Health Reform Institute the medical superintendent called for another large building. He was joined by what two other leaders in the church? (172, 173) SHM-SG 20.2

2. At the first annual meeting held on May 17, 1867, what further reports encouraged such a project? (174)

SHM-SG 20.3

3. In contrast to these leaders, Ellen White wrote that the Health Reform Institute should be “small at its __________________, and cautiously __________________, as good __________________ and helpers could be procured and __________________ raised, and as the wants of invalids should demand.” (175, 176) What three other valid reasons did she give for misgivings about too large an expansion at this time? (176) SHM-SG 20.4

4. Mrs. White emphasized balance regarding the entire work of the church: “Let the health __________________ and the health __________________ grow up among us as other worthy enterprises have grown taking into account our __________________ in the past and our __________________ to do much in a short period of time now. . . . Move no faster, brethren, than the __________________ of God opens the way before you.” (176, 177) SHM-SG 20.5

5. In contrast with the amusements at the Dansville institute Ellen White recommended outdoor exercise: “I saw there should be connected with the institute ample __________________, beautiful with __________________, and planted with __________________ and __________________. Here the __________________ could find work, appropriate to the __________________ and, ______________________________, at suitable hours.” (178) SHM-SG 21.1

6. Though the foundations had begun for the large expansion, what did Elder White counsel those connected with the institution? Why? (179)

SHM-SG 21.2

7. What notice appeared in the April 7, 1868, Review and Herald that had a direct bearing on this institution? (179) In this testimony what financial practice did Ellen White especially warn against in regard to our institutions? (180)

SHM-SG 21.3

As the result of this counsel what change in financial policy was authorized at the General Conference? (181)

SHM-SG 21.4