The Story of Our Health Message -- Study Guide


“Days of Affliction” (131-142)

1. What were contributing factors to the physical breakdown of James White in the summer of 1865? (131-133)

SHM-SG 17.2

2. Mrs. White did not unconditionally accept all the practices at Dansville. She said, “We did not feel that there was any necessity of gathering the __________________ with the __________________.” (135) SHM-SG 17.3

3. The Whites did not attend many of the lectures at Dansville because of the heated and unhealthy atmosphere of the hall, and because she saw a conflict between Dr. Jackson’s philosophy and that “which had been received from ________________ and _______________ authority.” (136) When she was asked to help in plans for a dance, she wrote, “The ideas that are here advanced that we are too ________________________________, and that is the reason why we are invalids, I will not, I cannot admit.” (137) SHM-SG 17.4

4. In a vision at Rochester following the visit at Dansville, Ellen White “was shown that those who are strongly fortified with __________________________ and are firm to obey all God’s requirements cannot receive that benefit from the popular __________________________ of the day that others of a different faith can. . . . They have to carry along with them at all times the _________________________ and ____________________________ everything they hear, that they may choose the ________________________ and refuse the _________________________.” (141) SHM-SG 17.5

5. After leaving Dansville what two factors led Elder James White to shrink from all physical exertion? (138)

SHM-SG 17.6

6. Ellen White’s opposition to the theory of inactivity led her to take what course of action regarding her sick husband? (138, 139)

SHM-SG 17.7

7. Ellen White’s vision of December 25, 1865, led to what further step in the health program of the Adventist Church? (140, 142)

SHM-SG 17.8