The Story of Our Health Message -- Study Guide


“The Quest for Moderation” (120-130)

1. Earliest Adventist attitudes advocating simplicity in dress were not so much from the standpoint of __________________ as against __________________ and __________________. (120, 121) SHM-SG 15.1

2. On May 27, 1856, Mrs. White was shown in vision that “the outside __________________ is an __________________ to the heart.” (121) SHM-SG 15.2

3. Summarize the principles given by Mrs. White as a basis for true dress reform. (125, 126)

SHM-SG 15.3

4. Mrs. White opposed the “American Costume” because of its __________________, its resemblance to __________________, as being contrary to __________________ injunction, and because of the __________________ it would raise against those who had a solemn truth to give to the world. (126) SHM-SG 15.4

5. As a result of viewing the “American Costume” at Dansville, what steps were Elder and Mrs. James White prompted to take? (127) SHM-SG 15.5

6. How did Mrs. White describe the length of women’s dress? (129)

SHM-SG 15.6

7. When Ellen White saw that some were overemphasizing the dress question, what protest did she utter? (129)

SHM-SG 15.7