Steps to Christ -- Study Guide


Lesson Two - Pages 37-56


1. According to Proverbs 28:13, we must not only confess our sins, but we are to __________________ them. (37) SC-SG 12.1

2. Why are pilgrimages and penances not useful for sinners? (37)

SC-SG 12.2

3. It is suggested we should confess sins to God and faults to one another. What does this mean? (37)

SC-SG 12.3

4. What is the first condition of acceptance with God? (37, 38)

SC-SG 12.4

5. Finish the following sentence: “The only reason why we do not have remission of sins that are past is __________________________________________________.” (38) SC-SG 12.5

6. Confession: How should it be done? How should it not be done? (38)

SC-SG 12.6

7. Why should confession be specific, acknowledging particular sins? (38)

SC-SG 13.1

8. Discuss the example of Israel’s sin and why specific confession had to be made. (38, 39)

SC-SG 13.2

9. After confession of sin, what two additional steps must be taken? Discuss Scripture illustrations. (39)

SC-SG 13.3

10. Why is it necessary for the sinner to yield to the Holy Spirit in order to correct character defects? (40)

SC-SG 13.4

11. How did the sin of Adam and Eve affect their sense of responsibility for their actions? (40)

SC-SG 13.5

12. By contrast, what will true repentance lead the sinner to do? (40, 41) Discuss some Bible illustrations.

SC-SG 13.6