Steps to Christ -- Study Guide


Steps to Christ -- Study Guide


Steps to Christ is one of the most spiritual, Christ-centered books written by Ellen G. White. The first copy was completed and made ready for publication in 1891 and was presented to a group of ministers and teachers at an educational convention. That it might be widely sold in bookstores, Fleming H. Revell, a popular publishing house, printed the first edition. Publishing rights were purchased by the church in 1892. Since that time Steps to Christ has been translated into more languages than any other book from Ellen White’s pen, a total of 120 (as of May 1985). SC-SG 3.1

Its origin is somewhat different from The Great Controversy. It was not based on certain specific visions. Beginning in 1890, Ellen White prepared this new book, setting forth simply and clearly the steps to be taken by sinners in coming to Jesus. The book also met an appeal for smaller books that might be used by evangelists in reaching the people. During the first year, seven editions were printed. SC-SG 3.2

We are sure that the author’s original purpose will be fulfilled once again as Steps to Christ is studied by a large sector of the church with the aid of a Study Guide. This will especially be an excellent opportunity to reach out to new members with this highly commended devotional book. SC-SG 3.3

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