Steps to Christ -- Study Guide


“Faith and Acceptance”

26. How is the natural condition of the guilty sinner described? (49)

SC-SG 16.1

27. What are some of the ways we cannot have peace of soul? (49)

SC-SG 16.2

28. In what way only can peace be obtained? (49)

SC-SG 16.3

29. What steps should be taken after we have confessed sin? (49, 50)

SC-SG 16.4

30. Why should we believe that our sins are forgiven? (50) Illustrate from the ministry of Jesus.

SC-SG 16.5

31. Why was the paralytic able to walk? (50, 51) Make the application of this experience to your situation as a sinner.

SC-SG 16.6

32. How is it possible for us to stand before God’s law without shame or remorse? (51)

SC-SG 17.1

33. Why is it impossible for us to come to God on probation to prove ourselves? (52)

SC-SG 17.2

34. Why do thousands fail in their Christian experience? (52)

SC-SG 17.3

35. From what suspicion should we be free? Why? (52, 53)

SC-SG 17.4

36. How should the repentant sinner respond to Satan’s efforts to steal his assurances of acceptance by God? (53)

SC-SG 17.5

37. How does Jeremiah add to the lesson of our heavenly Father’s love as portrayed in the parable of the prodigal son? (54)

SC-SG 17.6

38. What comparison between God’s love and human love for a child does Isaiah give? (54)

SC-SG 18.1

39. As we draw near to God with __________________ and __________________, He will draw near to us with __________________ and __________________. (55) SC-SG 18.2