Selected Messages, Book 3 -- Study Guide


Lesson 2, Pages 48-86

Chapter 7 - Presenting the Divinely Revealed Message

1. Why did Ellen White delay giving some of her messages? (3SM 48.1)
3SM-SG 12.1

2. She depended on the Spirit of the Lord, not only in having a vision, but in ________or ________ the vision. (3SM 48.1) 3SM-SG 12.2

3. Under what circumstances did she use marks of quotation? (3SM 49.1)
3SM-SG 12.3

4. Briefly give her understanding of her writings: (3SM 50.1, 51.1)
A. The Testimonies
B. The Conflict of the Ages Books
C. The Articles
D. The Letters
E. The Interviews
3SM-SG 12.4

5. Did the Spirit ever give Ellen White the exact words? (3SM 51.1, 52.1)
3SM-SG 12.5

6. She said: “There is one straight chain of ________, without one ________ sentence in that which I have written.” (3SM 52.1) 3SM-SG 12.6

7. Did God give her a vision for every case or person? Explain. (3SM 53.1, 54.1)
3SM-SG 13.1

8. How did she feel about giving reproofs? (3SM 54.1)
3SM-SG 13.2

9. Was everything always clear to Ellen White when she had a vision? (3SM 54.1, 55.1) Is there a Bible precedent?
3SM-SG 13.3

10. How did both Ellen White and the Apostle Paul sometimes become informed about church problems? (3SM 55.1)
3SM-SG 13.4

11. What did Paul and Ellen White do under these circumstances? (3SM 55.1, 56.1)
3SM-SG 13.5

12. Why was the giving of counsel sometimes delayed? (3SM 56.1, 57.1)
3SM-SG 14.1

13. How did God bring Ellen White to a better understanding of what was at first not understood? (3SM 56.1)
3SM-SG 14.2

14. In what area of writing did Ellen White not claim inspiration? (3SM 57.1-60)
3SM-SG 14.3

15. When she had no special light from God, what did she do? (3SM 60.1)
3SM-SG 14.4

16. What expressions did Ellen White leave out of books prepared for the reading of the general public? Why? (3SM 61.1)
3SM-SG 14.5