Selected Messages, Book 3 -- Study Guide


Selected Messages, Book 3 -- Study Guide


Selected Messages, Book 3, follows by 22 years the publication of Selected Messages, Books 1 and 2. These three volumes of general testimony counsels are the first such volumes to be published since Volume 9 of Testimonies for the Church in 1909. 3SM-SG 3.1

Selected Messages, Book 3, represents a wide variety of counsel on many subjects that will be recognized as useful to meet some current needs in the church. As you study this book, you will surely become aware repeatedly of the practical value of its content for today’s church. 3SM-SG 3.2

Because the sections in Selected Messages, Book 3, vary considerably in length, the lessons in this Study Guide have been divided into portions of fairly even length without regard for sections. Some subjects will no doubt offer more discussion possibilities than others. Classes or groups who study may want to regulate their pace of study to accommodate these differences. 3SM-SG 3.3

This book offers a rich source of study and discussion on a great variety of topics. May your study be informative as well as inspirational is our prayer. 3SM-SG 3.4

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