Last Day Events -- Study Guide


Chapter 4

Pages 43-62

1. According to John the Revelator, God will have a “remnant” people in the last days who will be identified by these characteristics:
a. They “keep” ___________________. (LDE Rev. 12:17; 14:12)
b. They have the ___________________ of the saints and the ___________________ of Jesus. (LDE Rev. 14:12)
c. They also “have” ___________________ (LDE Rev. 12:17), which he subsequently defines as “the Spirit.” (LDE Rev. 19:10, KJV)
LDE-SG 8.1

2. What two interesting and highly significant metaphors does EGW employ to describe the function/role of the remnant in the work of God? “___________________” and “___________________.” (LDE 45:2) LDE-SG 8.2

3. In addition to fulfilling Isa. 58:12 (LDE 43:2), their unique task is characterized as:
a. Vindicating the ___________________ of God. (LDE 43:3)
b. Proclaiming “the most ___________________ and ___________________ warnings ever sent by God to man” (LDE 45:2)--the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ___________________ of Rev. 14:8-12. “There is no ___________________ of so great importance,” and “they are to allow ___________________ to absorb their attention.” (LDE 46:0)
LDE-SG 8.3

4. In addition to the doctrine of Christ’s second advent, which Bible doctrines did EGW especially single out as significant, important “landmark” doctrines?
a. The heavenly ___________________ and its ___________________.
b. The ___________________ messages of Rev. 14.
c. The ___________________ of God, especially the ___________________ commandment.
d. The ___________________ of the wicked (LDE and of all others, as well!) (LDE 44:4; LDE 45:0)
LDE-SG 8.4

5. In the earliest days of the advent movement it became increasingly “evident” that “___________________ form of ___________________” would be necessary if they were to avoid two undesirable consequences:
a. “Great ___________________” and
b. The inability to carry forward the work “___________________ .” (LDE 46:1)
LDE-SG 8.5

6. EGW used three related terms to describe how things are done in heaven, which should also characterize God’s work (LDE and workers) on the earth:
a. “___________________”
b. Thorough “___________________”
c. “___________________” (LDE 46:2)
LDE-SG 9.1

6. Five reasons, offered by EGW, as to why the early SDA church needed to organize are:
a. “To provide for the ___________________ of the ___________________.”
b. To carry forward God’s “work in ___________________ fields.”
c. To protect both churches and ministry from “___________________ .”
d. To enable them to hold legal title to “___________________ .”
e. To enable them to legally own and operate institutions, especially ___________________. (LDE 46:1)
LDE-SG 9.2

8. In 1875 EGW wrote “that which can be said of men under certain circumstances cannot be said of them under other circumstances” (LDE 3T 470; 5T 670); and concerning her own inspired writings she added in 1911, “Nothing is ignored; nothing is cast aside; but time and place must be considered” (LDE 1SM 57). In other words, some things may be true at one time and not true at another, depending upon changed circumstances. This is well illustrated in the matter of decisions of the General Conference--in world session assembled (LDE 55:4; 56:0)--being respected by church leaders and members as “the voice of God” on earth, as it relates to the work of the gospel. LDE-SG 9.3

a. In 1875 she wrote:
(1) “God has invested His church with special ____________ and ___________ which no one can be justified in ________________and _______________, for in so doing he despises the ___________ of ____________.” (LDE 47:4)
(2) “God has bestowed the power under heaven upon His church.
LDE-SG 9.4

It is the ____________ of God in His united people in church capacity which is to be _________________.” (LDE 47:5; LDE 48:0) LDE-SG 9.5

b. But in the 1890s a change came which caused her no longer to consider the actions and decisions of the General Conference as “the voice of God” (LDE 50, 51). Two problems in particular surfaced among top GC leaders:
(1) “Altogether too many ___________________ were given to a ___________________”; and
(2) “Some” of these leaders were unconverted and did “not make God their ___________________.” (LDE 49:5)
LDE-SG 9.6

c. But a change came at the 1901 GC Session (LDE 54, 55), and even though some leaders still did not change their ways and remained unconverted (LDE 57, 58), probably the majority of those elected and re-elected were consecrated, and EGW again reverted to her prior 1875 position. LDE-SG 10.1

(1) In 1909 she wrote, “God has ordained that the representatives of His church from all parts of the earth, when assembled in a General Conference [session], shall have ________________. (LDE 56:1) LDE-SG 10.2

(2) And in 1911 the words she chose (LDE in M 164, cited in 56:2) are almost identical to her original words in 1875 (LDE in 3T 417, cited in 47:4)! LDE-SG 10.3

9. EGW predicted that as we near the end of time, “more and more” SDAs will be led “astray” by men and women arising and claiming they had the same gift she had and were receiving visions from God as she did. This will happen not only in North America but also in other countries. And she gave a two-word test that must be applied before such are accepted as authentic and genuine: LDE-SG 10.4

“When God gives you ___________________ that the vision is from Him, you may accept it, but do not accept it on any other evidence. . . .” (LDE 44:3) LDE-SG 10.5