Last Day Events -- Study Guide


Chapter 20

Pages 283-306

1. Where are both our title and fitness for heaven to be found? (LDE 283:2) 2. What thoughts will be a shield against Satan, our enemy? (LDE 284:2)

LDE-SG 47.1

3. List several “mighty incentives” for giving loving service to our Creator. (LDE 285:1)

LDE-SG 47.2

4. Heaven will be our home where the wicked cease from ______________ and the weary are at ______________. LDE-SG 47.3

5. Why did heaven cease to be indefinite space to the disciples? (LDE 286:1)

LDE-SG 47.4

6. If we could see heaven’s city just once, what would we never want to do again? (LDE 287:4)

LDE-SG 47.5

7. How is the tree of life described? (LDE 288:0)

LDE-SG 47.6

8. How are the following to be different from what they are now? (LDE 288:1-3) Streams Beasts Woods

LDE-SG 48.1

9. How will the righteous be different from each other at the resurrection? How will this change later? (LDE 289:3)

LDE-SG 48.2

10. At his creation Adam had _____________times as much vital force as we have today. How has this affected us all? (LDE 289:4)

LDE-SG 48.3

11. In heaven, “we shall ever feel the _____________ of the morning, and shall be far from its _______________.” (LDE 290:1) LDE-SG 48.4

12. When we are tempted to speculate about the conditions in heaven we are assured that God “has made every _______________for our _______________ in the future life.” (LDE 290:5) LDE-SG 48.5

13. Does it encourage you that infants and even imbeciles will be resurrected to go to heaven? (LDE 293:1-4)

LDE-SG 48.6

14. What special recognition will be given to mothers? (LDE 294:2, 3)

LDE-SG 48.7

15. In heaven there will be no. . . (LDE 296, 297)

LDE-SG 49.1

16. What will we learn from a special angel? (LDE 298:2)

LDE-SG 49.2

17. What testimony will only the redeemed be able to give? (LDE 299:2)

LDE-SG 49.3

18. What song will the ransomed sing? (LDE 300:2)

LDE-SG 49.4

19. What eternal reminder will we have of the cruel work of sin? (LDE 302:3)

LDE-SG 49.5

20. Review some of the activities of heaven as presented in this chapter.

LDE-SG 49.6