Last Day Events -- Study Guide


Chapter 14

Pages 197-214

1. In light of the fact that there are good people in all churches, what caution should be observed? (LDE 197, LDE 198) LDE-SG 35.1

2. When will the fall of Babylon be complete? (LDE 198:2-4)

LDE-SG 35.2

3. What is the last message that will be given to the world? (LDE 199:1)

LDE-SG 35.3

4. The message of justification by faith is the _______________ message in verity. (LDE 199:4-200:0) LDE-SG 35.4

5. How are the children of God to give the last message of mercy to the world? (LDE 200:4-201:0)

LDE-SG 35.5

6. According to Ellen White, what is the “loud voice” giving the third angel’s message? (LDE 201:3)

LDE-SG 35.6

7. Compare the power and strength of the last message to that of the midnight cry in 1844. (LDE 202:2)

LDE-SG 36.1

8. What are some of the comparisons between the time of the Day of Pentecost and the final preaching of the truth? (LDE 202:3-203:2)

LDE-SG 36.2

9. What are some of the agencies that God will use to finish the work that will surprise us? (LDE 203:3-204:2)

LDE-SG 36.3

10. In the last solemn work God will manifest that “He is not dependent on ___________________, ___________________ mortals.” (LDE 204:3) LDE-SG 36.4

11. What are more important to God’s work than brilliant talent, tact, or knowledge? (LDE 205:1) LDE-SG 36.5

12. “When divine ___________________ is combined with human ___________________, the work will spread like fire in the ___________________.” (LDE 207:3) LDE-SG 36.6

13. For what special reason should we study the Word of God now? (LDE 209:2)

LDE-SG 37.1

14. Will the great majority of those who hear the last message accept it? What are some reasons? (LDE 210:2-211:0)

LDE-SG 37.2

15. Name some of the groups that will answer the call out of the world. (LDE 211:1:212:0)

LDE-SG 37.3

16. In the final gospel call how many will be converted in a day? (LDE 212:1-3)

LDE-SG 37.4

17. At what time will the larger number of readers of The Great Controversy take their position with the church? (LDE 214:1)

LDE-SG 37.5

18. To a large degree the work of the angel of Revelation 18:1 will be done through what agency? (LDE 214:2)

LDE-SG 37.6