Last Day Events -- Study Guide


Chapter 10

Pages 143-154

1. List two things that will occur during the short time of trouble that immediately precedes the close of probation:
a. (LDE 143:1)
b. (LDE 143:2)
LDE-SG 25.1

2. In the crisis awaiting Seventh-day Adventists, what is at the center of the battle they will have to fight? (LDE 144:2, LDE 144:3)

LDE-SG 25.2

3. When brought before judges because of the conflict over God’s Sabbath and Sunday legislation, what is to be our attitude toward our personal civil rights? (LDE 146:1)

LDE-SG 25.3

4. What can God’s people anticipate as they stand firm for His law? (LDE 147:1)
LDE-SG 25.4

5. How intense will be the persecution of Sabbathkeepers in the last days? (LDE 147:2)

LDE-SG 25.5

6. What will you do when 148:4 becomes a reality?

LDE-SG 26.1

7. What are the odds that some of our brothers and sisters will be martyrs? (LDE 149:5-150:5)

LDE-SG 26.2

8. Why does God permit His people to suffer persecution?
a. (LDE 152:3-153:1)
b. (LDE 153:3-154:1)
LDE-SG 26.3