The Ministry of Healing -- Study Guide


Saved to Serve (95-107)

1. Describe the physical appearance of the two madmen before and after they encountered Jesus. (95, 97)

MH-SG 10.1

2. The restored demoniacs had never heard Christ preach a sermon and could not instruct the people as the disciples could. But what could they do? (99)

MH-SG 10.2

3. “God desires that our praise shall ascend to Him, ______________________________________.” (100) MH-SG 10.3

4. When one comes to know the Saviour, what does he want to do? (102)

MH-SG 10.4

5. What is Christ’s rule of life by which each of us must stand or fall in the judgment? (104, 105)

MH-SG 10.5

6. Where will we find Christ’s footprints today? (106)

MH-SG 10.6