The Ministry of Healing -- Study Guide


The Knowledge Received Through God’s Word (458-466)

1. How soon should we begin teaching children about God? (460)

MH-SG 54.1

2. “Let the youth make the word of God the ___________________ and ___________________. Let the cross of Christ be made the ___________________ of all ___________________, the center of all ___________________ and all ___________________.” (460) MH-SG 54.2

3. What testimony, based on our own experience, should we each be able to give? (461)

MH-SG 54.3

4. What did Adam and Eve lose in addition to the garments of light when they sinned? (462)

MH-SG 54.4

5. How will a “settled faith” Christian look on science? (462)

MH-SG 54.5

For further study: Discuss methods for avoiding being so easily led into sin. (458) MH-SG 54.6