The Great Controversy -- Study Guide


Chapter 26 — A Work of Reform

1. What prophecy in Isaiah promises a blessing upon the Gentile Sabbath-keepers? How does the context show it to apply in the last days? 451:1, 2 [515:1, 2]
GC-SG 51.1

2. How is the law to be sealed among God’s disciples, as a preparation for looking for Him? (Isaiah 8:17) 452:1, 2 [516:1, 2]
GC-SG 51.2

3. Where does the prophet Isaiah reprove God’s people for forsaking His ordinance? How is that ordinance defined? What blessing is pronounced upon those who restore it? 452:3, 4 [516:3-517:1]
GC-SG 51.3

4. Has there ever been a time when there were no Sabbath keepers in the earth? What has frequently been their lot? 453:1, 2 [517:2, 3]
GC-SG 51.4

5. As the heralds of Sabbath reform presented the subject, what two common objections were raised by the people? 454:1-3 [519:2-520:1]
GC-SG 51.5

6. How did the general rejection of light on the sanctuary involve the Adventist body in time setting? How does the setting of definite time suit the purposes of Satan? 456:1-457:1 [521:1-522:1]
GC-SG 51.6

7. In what way was the experience of the Adventists following 1844 similar to that of Israel at Kadesh Barnea? 457:2-458:1 [522:2-523:1]
GC-SG 52.1

8. To what climax will the spirit of intolerance be carried by the opposers of unpopular truth? Is opposition or persecution an excuse for withholding God’s message? 458:2-459:2 [523:2-524:2]
GC-SG 52.2

9. How many are called to the solemn responsibilities of watchmen? What is the only irrefutable argument against the truth? 459:3-460:2 [524:3-525:2] 10. Memorize Isaiah 51:7, 8.
GC-SG 52.3